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At GEMS we as a team are committed to making sure our students get the best of the best when exploring our gymnastic programs. Each day is learning experience for us all, and all the fun we have here could never be completed without everyone! Thank you so much to our coaches and staff for making class time rock!

Meloney Butcher.jpg

Meloney Butcher

Ashley Ferguson.jpg

Ashley Feguson

Arie Ferguson.jpg

Arie Ferguson

Makenna Hillman.jpg

Makenna Hillman

Izzy McCaslin.jpg

Izzy McCaslin

Holly O'Brien.jpg

Holly O'Brien

Brandy Kord.jpg

Brandy Kord

Lily Kord.jpg

Lily Kord

Deb Lawson.jpg

Deb Lawson

Joel Possinger.jpg

Joel Possinger


Missy Caudle

Dakota Caudle.jpg

Dakota Caudle

Evyn Lyon.jpg

Evyn Lyon


Hillary Hall


Sarah Robertson


Amanda Gabrino

Kelly Siobhan.jpg

Siobhan Kelly



January 2024 Newsletter-4.png

Meloney and her husband Jeff Butcher (a firefighter in Couer D' Alene), have two kids ages 8 and 11. Meloney has been coaching gymnastics for 23 years. She started gymnastics at the age of 6 and competed through level 10 in this area and then earned a full ride Division 1 gymnastics scholarship to compete for Sacramento State. After competing there and winning three conference championships, she was chosen to be in the gymnastics movie Stick It. She has coached at numerous gyms clubs in many different states and has had the pleasure of learning from many top national level coaches from all over the country. She has been coaching since she was 16 years old and is looking forward to this new adventure of owning a gymnastics club! Meloney is also a certified FOCUS coach who works with children with neuro-deflective disorders in CDA.

Ashley, along with her husband, Luke Ferguson, are parents of 4 beautiful girls ranging from ages 6-14. Ashley grew up in this area and currently resides in Rathdrum with her wonderful family. She cheered at Timberlake High School and was on the original All Star Cheer Team in Couer D' Alene, Idaho, which is where her love of gymnastics began. Her senior year in high school she qualified for the UCA cheer team! Currently, her and her husband own 3 local businesses. Ashley is loving this opportunity to follow a dream she's had of owning a gym that will support kids through this sport.

Meloney Butcher [Left] & Ashley Ferguson [Right]

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